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Critical Mass

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December 5 - 7, 2017Atlanta, GA, USA

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Robin Jones

Dr Robin Jones, BSc, MB BS, MRCP, MD (Res)
Consultant Medical Oncologist, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Sarcomas are rare and heterogeneous tumors that disproportionately affect young people. Currently, we are working on identifying new treatment targets in sarcomas as well as mechanisms of resistance to currently available drug therapies. In addition, we are evaluating quality of life in patients undergoing therapy for advanced disease. we have a range of clinical trials for sarcoma patients.

“My Body, my Life, my Right!” Why Oncology Professionals must Talk to AYA’s about Sexuality

Anne Katz

Anne Katz PhD, RN, FAAN
Clinical Nurse Specialist & Sexuality Counselor, Winnipeg, Canada

Late adolescence and young adulthood are - bar none - the most important phases of milestone development. These are the years when individuals decide who they are and who they are attracted to.  The early years of this period are where sexual identity is explored and often established; some will continue to question their sexuality for years. As time goes by, sexuality is cemented and for many relationships become more emotionally intimate and committed. But what if something life altering happens and this growth is halted?

Cancer is widely regarded as a biological interruption creating a gap in multiple developmental tasks, including creating a sexual identity.  When dating and/or meeting prospective partners is put on hold due to illness or hospitalization, individuals miss the opportunity for emotional and sexual connection.  Disclosure of a distant or present cancer history is a very real challenge for AYA survivors with no perfect time or way of telling someone about missing parts, scars or unpredictable sexual functioning.

All these issues, and more, will be addressed in my session on Thursday December 7th at the 2nd Annual Global AYA Cancer Congress. Information about sexuality is a vital part of ongoing cancer care that is often neglected in AYAs – but as the title of this presentation suggests, it is about the survivor’s body, life and rights for sexual health and happiness.   Click here for more from Anne